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Simply put, it is the collective embodiment of the overall situation consciousness, cooperation spirit and service spirit. Team spirit is based on respect for individual interests and achievements. Core is collaboration, the highest realm are all members of the centripetal force, cohesion, which is the unity of the individual interests and overall interests and promote the efficient operation team. After the formation of the team spirit does not require team members to sacrifice, on the contrary, their personality and performance skills to ensure the members together to complete the mission objectives, and clear way of collaboration will and collaboration of the real inner power. Without a good working attitude and dedication, there will be no team spirit.


  • Normally we accept T/T and Western Union.
  • Normally we accept T/T and Western Union.

What's the difference between team spirit and group and collectivism? Team spirit emphasizes individual initiative. A team is a community composed of employees and management. Collectivism emphasizes commonality. The specific differences between the two are as follows:
1. In terms of leadership: the group should have clear leaders; Teams may be different, especially as they mature and share decision rights.
2. Goals: the group's goals must be consistent with the organization, but in addition to this, the group can also produce its own goals.
3. Cooperation: the cooperation of the group may be moderate, and sometimes the members are negative and antagonistic; But there was an atmosphere of teamwork.
4. Responsibility: the leader of the group should take great responsibility, and in addition to the leader of the team, each team member should also be responsible, or even interact with each other and be jointly responsible.
5. Skills: the skills of group members may be different or the same, while the skills of team members are complementary. People with different knowledge, skills and experience are integrated together to form complementary roles, so as to achieve an effective combination of the whole team.
6. Results: the performance of a group is the sum of the performance of each individual, while the result or performance of a team is a product jointly completed by all.


Goals are important elements of a team, and there are five steps to help your team set clear goals:
Team goals are agreed upon. Team dynamics depends on what the team needs to achieve and the personality of each team member
Allow the team to focus on core priorities and unify from the outside in.
The team should use the list of major contributions to create a mission statement that briefly states what the team is working on.
Once the team's tasks are clear, make a to-do list -- identifying what the team must do and how its members need to interact to achieve their core goals.
Use the team's tasks and to-do lists to define rules of engagement.

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